Skater Dress

Hi guys! So I have recently made a skater dress. I am extremely happy with the way it has turned out. I know what you might be thinking but no I don’t say that for every project I make! So this is not exactly a tutorial on how to make this dress because I didn’t really take many pictures while making it. This is just a small post on how I went about making this dress. In the process I will share a few pics and give a few tips.

So this is how the dress has turned out. Paired it with boots from New Look and non-branded leggings and sweater. Photography by Aubrey Lyngdoh.

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I had been wanting to make a skater dress for sometime and I knew I had to make it once i saw the adorable baby elephant pattern in the market. The cloth is warm so I can wear this dress in winters. Working with this cloth was very easy and it didn’t slip at all!

The cute baby elephant pattern!

I started off with cutting pieces for the top first. I always find making skirts easier than making tops. So I had to get the hard part over with first. It always gives me butterflies whenever I start a new project which I have imagined in my head. It takes some time for my brain to process out how to cut the cloth and pin it down to sew in order to get the design I want. Sometimes videos are available on YouTube but not always. So I stop in the middle sometimes to think it over before i start messing around with my fabric. I know I should ideally be doing this before starting my project. Note to self: Do this next time!

These are the pieces I cut out for the front. I used one of my dresses which has similar type of top as I wanted for this dress to trace pieces for my top.

The cut out pieces for front top

For the front, I stitched the pieces to look like this so it fits properly around the curves.

Pinned side front piece to centre front piece
Front piece after sewing

I wanted a zip at the back so there are 2 pieces for the back. Then I attached the back pieces on each side of my completed front piece.

For the skirt part, since this is a skater dress, I made a half circle skirt. There are enough tutorials on YouTube on how to make a half circle skirt. I cut out the piece for my skirt.

I wanted a waistband in my dress so i cut out a waistband of the thickness I wanted long enough to cover my waist. I measured myself to see where I wanted the waistband and stitched the top to the upper part of the waistband first and then the skirt to the bottom part of the waistband. Then I added an invisible zipper at the back, stitched the open end of the skirt and hemmed the bottom and neck and armholes.

Completed Skater Dress: Front
Completed Skater Dress: Back with invisible zipper

Once it was done, I was so happy with it that I celebrated by taking lots and lots of crazy pictures in front of the mirror! There is nothing like the happiness you get when your finished product comes out better than you imagined it!

Hope you enjoyed this post. Would love to hear your comments/ views on this dress. 🙂 Cheers!


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