Recycled Clothes Initiative feat. orange pleated skirt

Hi guys! As promised, I am bringing you more pretty recycled clothes to inspire you to be a part of our ‘Recycled Clothes’ initiative. So here it goes… My orange pleated skirt! I wore it for a brunch and for a visa interview. I love how bright it looks!

ornage skirt

This orange pleated skirt has been made using my mom’s old dupattas. Yes, again from old dupattas. Old dupattas are awesome to make new clothes since they provide a long piece of uncut fabric to work with. The only problem is that a lot of dupattas are thin and see through. But you can either buy lining separately or you can use two layers of a semi see through dupattas as lining. For this skirt, since the dupatta was a bit see through, I had to fold the dupatta twice and use two layers of it on each side for the lining. The second dupatta was see through as well but it worked perfectly as the pleated fabric for my skirt and there was enough of it left over to make my waistband.

After i was done with the skirt, I took a lot of crazy photos. I was just trying out different filters on my phone for my photographs and that’s when i found this! (see below) White looks beautiful, no? I wish I had same dupattas in white to make this skirt. But it’s ok. It turned out great.

Some latte filter

Here is a close up of the skirt if you would like to see. I added tic tac fasteners on the waistband becuase that was the only thing available with me at the time. I would have preferred the big broad hooks or a zip.

skirt close up.jpg
Close up of the skirt

Inspired enough?? Send us photos of your old clothes and we will help you out with ideas on how to transform them!

Ofcourse just like our other designs, this design can also be ordered in different prints/colours to be made out of new cloth.

For orders, enquiries or feedback, please e-mail at

If you like our work and wish to be a part of our ‘Recycled Clothes’ initiative, do not forget to like our blog, like our facebook page (Kanika Kadam) and our instagram account (#kanikakadam_official)! Send us photographs of clothes which you have recycled on your own and we will feature the best DIYs on our blog! Share the love.

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