Recycled Clothes Initiative feat. beach cover/top

Today I will be presenting to you a three in one DIY beach cover up/top/dress. Yes, it can be all three things! This is a part of our ‘Recycled Clothes’ initiative and can be easily made with a colourful chiffon dupatta.

cover up 3cover up 2cover up

So you can wear this as any of the following depending on your mood.

  1. As a beach cover over your swim suit in a non-shady beach or private beach or by the pool (This may end up being semi-transparent considering it’s chiffon but if you are ok with it and choose the right colours, it works);
  2. As a top with a slip of a complimentary colour underneath;
  3. As a dress with a simple dress of a complimentary colour underneath (One of those forever 21 basic dresses type)

So here’s how you can make it. I have added a few pictures below to help you with the process. Fold your dupatta in half and cut a U shape. Hem the edges and cut out the neck in the middle. Choose whatever shape you want for the neck and just hem that too. Add any embellishments you want and you are done! So easy right?? Well, to be fair, hemming chiffon is not so easy. A lot of people use a rolling foot. I don’t own and have never used a rolling foot. So let me tell you the way I do it. I feel it is easiest to roll up the edge between your index finger and thumb as you go and do a zig zag stitch on it. If it doesn’t end up being very neat, you can just add a border.

So apart from the hemming, this is very easy to make and looks great! You can make lots and lots of variations of it! You can add pom poms at the bottom or add a nice border to the neckline or spread over some tiny round mirrors or some sequins all over, make different types of necklines, whatever you want!

Not equipped to do this on your own? If you live in Delhi, send us your dupatta and we will make this amazing beach cover up/top/dress for you at a very reasonable cost. No dupattas or any big enough cloth in the house? No worries, we can make this for you in a new cloth as well. For orders, enquiries or feedback, e-mail at or comment here.

If you have been inspired by our ‘Recycled Clothes’ initiative and have recycled any of your clothes, send us pictures and we will upload the best ones on our blog! Waiting for your mails! 🙂

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