‘Bat’ Bow Tie Collection

Introducing our unique ‘bat’ bowtie collection. It’s the bow tie you deserve but not the one you need right now. 😀

So these would make a perfect gift for a loved one. As it is, it is really difficult to find a nice gift for a guy but not anymore!

We have two designs in this collection as of now; one self tie and one pre-tied. It took a lot of thinking and hard work to come up with these two designs. Absolutely love them and very proud of them!

Self tie 

Self tie ‘bat’ bow tie


Pre-tied ‘bat’ bow tie

Both our bow ties in this collection have adjustable buttons at the back.

Adjustable buttons at the back

All our bow ties are delivered in pretty packages like this one.


E-mail at kanikakadam.official@gmail.com for orders and enquiries.

We would love to know what you think about our ‘bat’ bow tie collection. So please like, comment, share! Cheers!

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