Recycled Clothes Initiative feat. The Floral Summer Dress

It’s a been a while since my last post on the ‘Recycled Clothes’ initiative. Here’s presenting this really pretty floral summer dress! What I love about it the most is that it is extremely comfortable. I used an old tank top to make the top part of the dress and bought a floral print cotton fabric for the skirt.

Most of us have old tank tops which we no longer use but don’t want to throw away either. I had bought this tank top when I was in college and I hadn’t worn it for atleast the past four years. Everytime I “tried” to clean my cupboard, I always ended up keeping it, thinking I will wear it sometime but that day never came. So instead, this time, I decided to make a summer dress with it for myself. There are so many fabrics and designs you can choose from for the bottom skirt. I prefer a cotton fabric because it makes me feel more comfortable and is best for summers. This bright lovely floral print was a bonus! Ever since I made this, I have worn it more times than I actually wore that tank top. All in all it was a win win; I got this amazing dress and I got to finally wear my tank top.

If you want a pretty dress like this made out of your old tank top, don’t wait to send me your old tank top along with the fabric for the skirt which can be an old dupatta or some specific print you want. If you don’t have any fabric for the skirt, don’t fret, I will be happy to use one of the fabrics available with me. See how easy it is! This is all you have to do and I will do the rest. E-mail at for orders and enquiries.

Would like to give #snehamohantyphotography a very big thank you for the lovely photographs!

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