Recycled Clothes Initiative feat. KlosetEdit

I have featured a number of ideas on this blog on how you can recycle your old clothes like dupattas and old tops. However….

What about the expensive dress you bought and ended up wearing just once or twice? You love it but it is after all a ‘special occassion’ dress and you can’t possibly wear the same dress on all special occassions. Now your beautiful dress sits alone in your closet. What can you do?

What about the burning holes in your pockets due to all the super expensive dresses? Ended up wearing the same outfit to another party yet again?

Looking to bring out the creativity in you by recycling and bringing to life someone’s else’s boring outfit?

What if there was a way where you could get super pretty dresses for a cheaper price and not just that, you could even sell it again when you get bored! It’s true!  There is a place where you can buy and sell preloved fashion and it is really easy to use! I love the idea behind KlosetEdit and their initiative which (similar to my ‘Recycled Clothes Initiative’) also focuses on saving the environment by providing a platform to sell and buy pre loved fashion. You just have to fill up a form and upload a few pictures and someone will come and pick up your lovely dress and will sell it to another soul who will love it as much as you did. If that’s not enough, you can also buy someone else’s beautiful dresses and even accessories and bags at a reduced price either for your next event or to make something fresh and beautiful out of someone else’s old clothes. You can e-mail me at or if you would like me to recycle old clothes for you or just generally want to brainstorm ideas on how to best recycle them.

Doesn’t this sound great?? So don’t wait around and in this little way, do your bit for the environment and recycle and re-use.

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