Floral Beach Dress

Recently, my husband and I went to Maldives for our first anniversary. It had been my dream to go to Maldives for a vacation! It is such a gorgeous place! I’ve always wanted to stay in those water villas and go to white sandy beaches with clear waters. Maldives is nothing short of paradise on earth and I insist that each and everyone of you MUST go there atleast once in your lifetime!

Now, Maldives = Beach = Beach Dress. I couldn’t go to Maldives without a self made new beach dress. It felt like a betrayal of everything I knew about sewing. So, a week before my trip, I decided to make atleast one new item of clothing for the trip.

I had found this lovely floral print pink cloth from one of the local fabric stores. They had a small  left over scrap of this beautiful print and I decided to buy it for Indian Rupees 50 only. It was a steal! I hadn’t thought of what to make out of this at the time. While I was rummaging through my stock of cloth material to figure out what dress I wanted to make, I found this and it looked perfect for a beach dress I could wear over my swimsuit.


I wanted something with strings in my dress. After wrapping this cloth around me in lots of different ways, I finally decided to go ahead with this design. It was actually quite easy to make. It took me 1.5 days to finish it. Most of the time was spent hemming the bottom because of the curved design. The sach was made by joining the leftover cloth.

See below for pictorial guide on how to cut the fabric for this design.

20180304_224325 (2)

20180304_224248 (2)

I wore it on my wedding anniversary day during my dream vacation and my dress gelled right into the lovely natural views! This has to be one of my best works till now and holds a special place in my heart. I have received a number of positive responses from friends and family for this dress. I most definitely look forward to wearing it again on my next beach holiday!

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Thank you for reading! Inspired enough to make your own?? Feel free to comment below in case you have any queries regarding how to make this dress or have any comments.



Waste Paper Wedding Dress

It’s been almost a year and I have not posted anything and I profusely apologize for that! It’s because of work, my wedding and all other excuses which I can possibly think of to help myself feel better about not updating this blog. But I am here to rectify that now.

Recently, I participated in GISHWHES i.e. the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen. If you don’t know what it is, see the video here. If you are too lazy to see the video (which is brilliant by the way), I’ll give you a brief snapshot. It’s basically, as the name suggests, a large scale scavenger hunt where people from all across the world are divided into teams and have to complete around 200 items in one week. The items range from random acts of kindness to absolutely weird stuff.

One of the items in this year’s hunt was to make a wedding dress out of office waste paper. The moment I read it, I  knew I had to complete this item. During the week, i collected the bunch of papers which I had been keeping in the office to shred and got it home. In one day, my husband and I made this….

Gishwhes Item #4

We had such a great time together making this dress. It was lots of fun! Taking the photographs was a task in itself. The wind was blowing and we were so scared the dress would just tear off! But thankfully it held up.

We also managed to make a lovely bouquet from the waste paper, which is my favourite. I wish I would have worn this for my wedding. 😀

20170812_164759 (2)

Hope you liked this post and the dress. Feel free to comment below and tell me what you thought! Until the next post, cheers and have a great day 🙂

‘Summer Time Blues’ Skirt

I bought this fabric because of the tiny zebras all over it and ofcourse because it falls in the “blue” family. Made this as a gift for one of my best friends who I really miss a lot and without whom I can’t imagine my college life. So, because this was for a special person, this had to be beyond perfect! I decided to go for a gathered knee length skirt with elastic at the back and this is how it finally turned out. Did french seams on this one so it looks neat and pretty even from the inside. What do you think?? Would live to read your comments!


Photo credits: Sneha Mohanty Photography

Crop Tops Summer Collection

I don’t need to tell you that crop tops are best for summers. You can wear them with absolutely anything! A maxi skirt, a knee length skirt, jeans, jeggings, anything! A few crop tops in your wardrobe is necessary (read MUST!). Here are a few crop tops from my collection.

Floral Cross Back Crop Top

Brining sexy back (literally) with this one. I love this floral fabric. It looks so pretty and summery. Just looking at it makes me feel nice.

It is almost fully handsewn with a cross stitch. If you don’t know what a cross stitch is, this is what it looks like. You can also take a closer look at the fabric here.

Floral Plain Crop Top

Made from the same fabric as the earlier top, this one has a simple back. The back and front are almost exactly the same. Partly handsewn, the stretch fabric provides a comfortable fit. Sorry folks, this exclusive top is already sold out.

Polka Dot Crop Top

What’s different about this design is that it can be worn with both sides as front, giving you two designs in one top. The fabric has a comfortable stretch that allows this along with the sheer net used on the neckline. The neckline is completely handsewn with cross stitch taking extra care that of the sheet net fabric. The idea for this top came up because I had left over cloth from another peplum top which I had made fromt his fabric. I wish I had a more interesting story to tell you. But this is the truth. I hate to waste fabric and try to make anything and everything with every bit of piece that is leftover. Since I didn’t have enough fabric for a full covered neckline, I decided to pair it up with the stretch sheer net fabric and I think it worked out perfectly even though I had to extra careful while sewing the neckline.

That’s it for now. If you wish to order or have any queries on my crop top collection, please e-mail at kanikakadam.official@gmail.com. If you wish to be a part of my ‘Recycled Clothes Initiative’ and want any of my designs made from your old clothes, please e-mail at kanikakadam.official@gmail.com or legallysewed@gmail.com. Ta ta till my next blog post!

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‘Bat’ Bow Tie Collection

Introducing our unique ‘bat’ bowtie collection. It’s the bow tie you deserve but not the one you need right now. 😀

So these would make a perfect gift for a loved one. As it is, it is really difficult to find a nice gift for a guy but not anymore!

We have two designs in this collection as of now; one self tie and one pre-tied. It took a lot of thinking and hard work to come up with these two designs. Absolutely love them and very proud of them!

Self tie 

Self tie ‘bat’ bow tie


Pre-tied ‘bat’ bow tie

Both our bow ties in this collection have adjustable buttons at the back.

Adjustable buttons at the back

All our bow ties are delivered in pretty packages like this one.


E-mail at kanikakadam.official@gmail.com for orders and enquiries.

We would love to know what you think about our ‘bat’ bow tie collection. So please like, comment, share! Cheers!

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The Blue Aztec Maxi Dress

The summers are on their way. With temperatures rising, this is the perfect time for you to get pretty summer dresses and the perfect time for us to introduce our blue aztec print maxi dress!

Size: Small (8 UK size)

Fabric: Soft cotton

Photo credits: Sneha Mohanty Photography

It was a treat working on this one. I loved the aztec print and the fabric. I picked up this fabric from a fabric market in Delhi and imagine my surprise when i walked into H&M and found the exact same fabric with the same print!  Don’t believe me? Here I took a picture of it at the store.


They had used this fabric to make a halter type dress. Obviously, I wouldn’t copy it! Thankfully, I had bought a lot of fabric from that same place so i got a of ‘H&M’ good quality fabric for my clothes. Couldn’t be more excited!

To order this design or for any enquiries, you can e-mail at kanikakadam.official@gmail.com. Do let us know what you think of this dress irrespective. Would love to read your comments. Till then peace out.

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Handmade Floral Skirt

Hi Guys, here’s presenting the lovely knee length handmade A-line FLORAL SKIRT! Yes, it’s up for sale!

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When I got this fabric, I had no idea what to make out of it. A few weeks down the line, I took it out again and I just knew what I wanted to make out of this bright and lovely flower print! The cotton material is really soft and so is the white net fabric. I love wearing net and so I really wanted to make something combining my print and net fabrics which will look different and pretty without hiding the bright blue print of the cotton fabric. I finally decided to make this skirt with the net on top and leaving only the print at the bottom.  It worked out quite well I think!

Only a small size is available for this but the skirt has an elastic waistband so it can fit waist size 26 to 30 inch easily.

Best paired with: A white collar blouse will look great with this skirt. I didn’t have too many options for a white top at the time so I had to settle with the plain white T-shirt which looks good too but I wanted a while blouse so I could click this skirt with the MATCHING BOW TIE!

Yes, you heard me right. With the cloth that was leftover I made a matching bow tie which can be worn with the skirt or on its own. I hadn’t seen any floral bow ties available on the internet and especially not for women. I decided it was time for women have their own beautiful print bow ties!

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I envisioned a fun bold girl going out in the day wearing the skirt, a white collar blouse and the bow tie. Can you imagine how great that will look!? Another option is to make your man wear the matching bow tie the next time you go out. Some men may not agree with the flowery print bowtie but I think it will look good.

I’ll leave you with that thought now. Remember, these items are available for sale and the information is provided below. Not interested in buying? No worries, we would still love to know what you think of this skirt or this bow tie or this combination? Waiting for your feedback. 🙂 And if you do like it, don’t hesitate to share the love! ❤

Sale Information

I am looking for someone who would love to wear it as much as I loved making it. The same design of the skirt can be custom made for you in a print of your choice! Please e-mail at kanikakadam.official@gmail.com to place your order or for any further enquiries.

Presently, we are offering an off season discount of 30%. So this is the perfect time to grab this piece!

Prices for Indian buyers

Skirt: Rs. 1050 (Original price Rs. 1500) + Rs. 100(shipping)
Bow Tie: Rs. 770 (Original price Rs. 1100) + Rs. 100(shipping).
Additional Rs. 150 off if you purchase both items making it Rs. 1670 + Rs. 100(shipping).

Happy Shopping!

A very big thank you to Sneha Mohanty Photography for the lovely pictures of the skirt! She also does baby photography, pre-wedding shoots, engagements etc. Do check out her facebook page and instagram account.

Bow Tie

Ever since I started sewing, one of my friends really wanted me to make him a bow tie but I was always too scared to make it. I searched for tutorials online and found a few (Here.. this is the best one i found). It didn’t seem that difficult at first. A few months back I tried to make it but it didn’t work out at all. I realised that the cloth I was using was too thin and fragile and would fray everytime I would try to turn the bow tie inside out. I did a little more research on it and decided to give it another shot. This time it worked! This is how it looks. I’ve made a few more after that. It is true what they say- “Try and try till you succeed“. My friend really likes it so mission accomplished!

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After my research on bowties, I have fallen in love with them. They are amazing. Can you believe they have been around since the 17th century! They give a person a classy elegant look and just uplift the entire outfit to a whole new level. The self tie bowtie is the most classy bow tie. You can go for a clip on but it just does not match up to the self tie. You can wear it for any wedding or a party. If you want to spice things up a bit, the men from the groom and/ or the bride’s side can go for same bowties with a funky pattern. The groom’s buddies can also wear bow ties for the bachelor party. There is no end to the occassions where you can carry off this little classic piece!

After I was done making my bow tie I had to learn how to tie it. If you don’t know how to tie it, here you go. Again, it looks so easy but I found it really hard to tie it on me and in the end I finally managed.

Here are a few things I wish i knew or had paid more attention to while making my first bow tie. These may help you along the way if you wish to make your own bowtie.

  • Bowties are best made with silk or cotton.
  • Try to use a thick cotton cloth for your first try.
  • Don’t be lazy. Use interfacing or lining.
  • While turning the bow tie inside out, scrunch up the sides first and use a stick or pencil to push the sides inside out, one at a time.
  • Using a chalk, trace where you will be sewing and then sew on that line. This makes it easier to keep the curves on both ends symmetrical and makes sewing a lot more easier.
  • Be patient.
  • Do not make the opening (from where you will pull out the right side of the bowtie) too small. Make sure there is enough space for the entire fabric at the end to pass through.


If you are all ready and excited to make your first bow tie, best of luck! Let me know how it turns out. If you don’t sew, then go and get a bow tie for your next function! Cheers!

Skater Dress

Hi guys! So I have recently made a skater dress. I am extremely happy with the way it has turned out. I know what you might be thinking but no I don’t say that for every project I make! So this is not exactly a tutorial on how to make this dress because I didn’t really take many pictures while making it. This is just a small post on how I went about making this dress. In the process I will share a few pics and give a few tips.

So this is how the dress has turned out. Paired it with boots from New Look and non-branded leggings and sweater. Photography by Aubrey Lyngdoh.

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I had been wanting to make a skater dress for sometime and I knew I had to make it once i saw the adorable baby elephant pattern in the market. The cloth is warm so I can wear this dress in winters. Working with this cloth was very easy and it didn’t slip at all!

The cute baby elephant pattern!

I started off with cutting pieces for the top first. I always find making skirts easier than making tops. So I had to get the hard part over with first. It always gives me butterflies whenever I start a new project which I have imagined in my head. It takes some time for my brain to process out how to cut the cloth and pin it down to sew in order to get the design I want. Sometimes videos are available on YouTube but not always. So I stop in the middle sometimes to think it over before i start messing around with my fabric. I know I should ideally be doing this before starting my project. Note to self: Do this next time!

These are the pieces I cut out for the front. I used one of my dresses which has similar type of top as I wanted for this dress to trace pieces for my top.

The cut out pieces for front top

For the front, I stitched the pieces to look like this so it fits properly around the curves.

Pinned side front piece to centre front piece
Front piece after sewing

I wanted a zip at the back so there are 2 pieces for the back. Then I attached the back pieces on each side of my completed front piece.

For the skirt part, since this is a skater dress, I made a half circle skirt. There are enough tutorials on YouTube on how to make a half circle skirt. I cut out the piece for my skirt.

I wanted a waistband in my dress so i cut out a waistband of the thickness I wanted long enough to cover my waist. I measured myself to see where I wanted the waistband and stitched the top to the upper part of the waistband first and then the skirt to the bottom part of the waistband. Then I added an invisible zipper at the back, stitched the open end of the skirt and hemmed the bottom and neck and armholes.

Completed Skater Dress: Front
Completed Skater Dress: Back with invisible zipper

Once it was done, I was so happy with it that I celebrated by taking lots and lots of crazy pictures in front of the mirror! There is nothing like the happiness you get when your finished product comes out better than you imagined it!

Hope you enjoyed this post. Would love to hear your comments/ views on this dress. 🙂 Cheers!