Waste Paper Cocktail Dress

As some of you know, I am a corporate lawyer in India. In daily law firm life, there is a large chunk of paper wasted in printing documents for meetings or for review, especially in the litigation department. In most cases, either this waste is used to create a miniature model of a city filled with skyscrapers on your desk (You know who you are!) or if you are one of those people who have enough time to regularly clean up this mess, these bundles of waste paper end up like this….


One weekend, I took a draft of the loan agreement home for weekend reading. Once I was through with it,  it lay on my desk at home for weeks, until one weekend, I decided to put it to some good use. I had made a waste paper wedding dress as one of the GISHWHES items which was a LOT of fun (You can see my waste paper wedding dress here…). I googled ‘paper dresses’ and found amazing dresses which inspired me to do this even  more. The final result is this…..

I started with making the skirt. The waist band was pretty easy to make. Next, I took one A4 sheet at a time and folded it in zig zag form and stapled as I went along, until I had enough zig zag paper to cover my entire waist. I repeated this again. I attached the first row of zig zag paper to my waist belt and attached the second row of waste paper at the ending of my first row. I think most of my time was spent on this skirt.

The top was also really easy to make. I stapled two A4 sheets and folded them to give the top a sweetheart neckline and added darts so that it would fit me properly. For the back, I just took two A4 sheets again and stapled them together. I joined the front and the back pieces with tape.

Since the dress looked incomplete with just these two pieces, I decided to add a strip of paper to make the top a little more dressy.

My husband helped me put the dress on with the help of staples and a little bit of tape. I added a pair of stilettoes, a neckpiece and a clutch to complete the ready to go out cocktail party look.

It’s a shame that I can’t actually go out in this dress (God forbid, the rain! Not to mention the pervs) but I enjoyed every minute spent in making it, wearing it and posing in it!

So, what do you think?




Recycled Clothes Initiative feat. KlosetEdit

I have featured a number of ideas on this blog on how you can recycle your old clothes like dupattas and old tops. However….

What about the expensive dress you bought and ended up wearing just once or twice? You love it but it is after all a ‘special occassion’ dress and you can’t possibly wear the same dress on all special occassions. Now your beautiful dress sits alone in your closet. What can you do?

What about the burning holes in your pockets due to all the super expensive dresses? Ended up wearing the same outfit to another party yet again?

Looking to bring out the creativity in you by recycling and bringing to life someone’s else’s boring outfit?

What if there was a way where you could get super pretty dresses for a cheaper price and not just that, you could even sell it again when you get bored! It’s true!  There is a place where you can buy and sell preloved fashion and it is really easy to use! I love the idea behind KlosetEdit and their initiative which (similar to my ‘Recycled Clothes Initiative’) also focuses on saving the environment by providing a platform to sell and buy pre loved fashion. You just have to fill up a form and upload a few pictures and someone will come and pick up your lovely dress and will sell it to another soul who will love it as much as you did. If that’s not enough, you can also buy someone else’s beautiful dresses and even accessories and bags at a reduced price either for your next event or to make something fresh and beautiful out of someone else’s old clothes. You can e-mail me at legallysewed@gmail.com or kanikakadam.official@gmail.com if you would like me to recycle old clothes for you or just generally want to brainstorm ideas on how to best recycle them.

Doesn’t this sound great?? So don’t wait around and in this little way, do your bit for the environment and recycle and re-use.

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Recycled Clothes Initiative feat. Aztec Black and White Dress

Similar to our last post on the Recycled Clothes Initiative, this dress is also made from an old tank top and a new cotton blend fabric. Had to fix tiny bit of loose stitching in the tank top first. I have lost count of the number of times that I have worn this but it definitely trumps the tank top. I know I say this a lot but trust me, it is very comfortable and soft and the aztec black and white print is just lovely!

Wore this to my clothing line shoot and so this dress was the first one to be shot.
Lovely aztec print
Wore it for a dinner with my besties
Even cold and rainy Dublin couldn’t keep me away from this dress
When I had just finished making the dress

I have gotten much more out of this dress than from a lot of clothes I had bought from stores. The decision to turn my black tank top into this amazing dress was one of the best decisions I made! I hope this has inspired you to reuse your old clothes and turn your tank tops into pretty dresses. If so, send me your old tank top along with the fabric for the skirt which can be an old dupatta or some specific print you want. If you don’t have any fabric for the skirt, don’t fret, I will be happy to use one of the fabrics available with me. See how easy it is! This is all you have to do and I will do the rest. E-mail at legallysewed@gmail.com for orders and enquiries.

I would love to read what you think about this dress and your suggestions on how to recycle/upcycle old clothes. Please like, share, follow, comment if you like what I do.

Photo credits: #snehamohantyphotography

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Recycled Clothes Initiative feat. The Floral Summer Dress

It’s a been a while since my last post on the ‘Recycled Clothes’ initiative. Here’s presenting this really pretty floral summer dress! What I love about it the most is that it is extremely comfortable. I used an old tank top to make the top part of the dress and bought a floral print cotton fabric for the skirt.

Most of us have old tank tops which we no longer use but don’t want to throw away either. I had bought this tank top when I was in college and I hadn’t worn it for atleast the past four years. Everytime I “tried” to clean my cupboard, I always ended up keeping it, thinking I will wear it sometime but that day never came. So instead, this time, I decided to make a summer dress with it for myself. There are so many fabrics and designs you can choose from for the bottom skirt. I prefer a cotton fabric because it makes me feel more comfortable and is best for summers. This bright lovely floral print was a bonus! Ever since I made this, I have worn it more times than I actually wore that tank top. All in all it was a win win; I got this amazing dress and I got to finally wear my tank top.

If you want a pretty dress like this made out of your old tank top, don’t wait to send me your old tank top along with the fabric for the skirt which can be an old dupatta or some specific print you want. If you don’t have any fabric for the skirt, don’t fret, I will be happy to use one of the fabrics available with me. See how easy it is! This is all you have to do and I will do the rest. E-mail at legallysewed@gmail.com for orders and enquiries.

Would like to give #snehamohantyphotography a very big thank you for the lovely photographs!

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Recycled Clothes Initiative feat. beach cover/top

Today I will be presenting to you a three in one DIY beach cover up/top/dress. Yes, it can be all three things! This is a part of our ‘Recycled Clothes’ initiative and can be easily made with a colourful chiffon dupatta.

cover up 3cover up 2cover up

So you can wear this as any of the following depending on your mood.

  1. As a beach cover over your swim suit in a non-shady beach or private beach or by the pool (This may end up being semi-transparent considering it’s chiffon but if you are ok with it and choose the right colours, it works);
  2. As a top with a slip of a complimentary colour underneath;
  3. As a dress with a simple dress of a complimentary colour underneath (One of those forever 21 basic dresses type)

So here’s how you can make it. I have added a few pictures below to help you with the process. Fold your dupatta in half and cut a U shape. Hem the edges and cut out the neck in the middle. Choose whatever shape you want for the neck and just hem that too. Add any embellishments you want and you are done! So easy right?? Well, to be fair, hemming chiffon is not so easy. A lot of people use a rolling foot. I don’t own and have never used a rolling foot. So let me tell you the way I do it. I feel it is easiest to roll up the edge between your index finger and thumb as you go and do a zig zag stitch on it. If it doesn’t end up being very neat, you can just add a border.

So apart from the hemming, this is very easy to make and looks great! You can make lots and lots of variations of it! You can add pom poms at the bottom or add a nice border to the neckline or spread over some tiny round mirrors or some sequins all over, make different types of necklines, whatever you want!

Not equipped to do this on your own? If you live in Delhi, send us your dupatta and we will make this amazing beach cover up/top/dress for you at a very reasonable cost. No dupattas or any big enough cloth in the house? No worries, we can make this for you in a new cloth as well. For orders, enquiries or feedback, e-mail at legallysewed@gmail.com or comment here.

If you have been inspired by our ‘Recycled Clothes’ initiative and have recycled any of your clothes, send us pictures and we will upload the best ones on our blog! Waiting for your mails! 🙂

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Recycled Clothes Initiative feat. orange pleated skirt

Hi guys! As promised, I am bringing you more pretty recycled clothes to inspire you to be a part of our ‘Recycled Clothes’ initiative. So here it goes… My orange pleated skirt! I wore it for a brunch and for a visa interview. I love how bright it looks!

ornage skirt

This orange pleated skirt has been made using my mom’s old dupattas. Yes, again from old dupattas. Old dupattas are awesome to make new clothes since they provide a long piece of uncut fabric to work with. The only problem is that a lot of dupattas are thin and see through. But you can either buy lining separately or you can use two layers of a semi see through dupattas as lining. For this skirt, since the dupatta was a bit see through, I had to fold the dupatta twice and use two layers of it on each side for the lining. The second dupatta was see through as well but it worked perfectly as the pleated fabric for my skirt and there was enough of it left over to make my waistband.

After i was done with the skirt, I took a lot of crazy photos. I was just trying out different filters on my phone for my photographs and that’s when i found this! (see below) White looks beautiful, no? I wish I had same dupattas in white to make this skirt. But it’s ok. It turned out great.

Some latte filter

Here is a close up of the skirt if you would like to see. I added tic tac fasteners on the waistband becuase that was the only thing available with me at the time. I would have preferred the big broad hooks or a zip.

skirt close up.jpg
Close up of the skirt

Inspired enough?? Send us photos of your old clothes and we will help you out with ideas on how to transform them!

Ofcourse just like our other designs, this design can also be ordered in different prints/colours to be made out of new cloth.

For orders, enquiries or feedback, please e-mail at legallysewed@gmail.com.

If you like our work and wish to be a part of our ‘Recycled Clothes’ initiative, do not forget to like our blog, like our facebook page (Kanika Kadam) and our instagram account (#kanikakadam_official)! Send us photographs of clothes which you have recycled on your own and we will feature the best DIYs on our blog! Share the love.

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Recycled Clothes… an environment friendly initiative feat. Red Dress

Introducing ‘RECYCLED CLOTHES’… an environment friendly initiative by Kanika Kadam.

What comes to mind when you think of recycled clothes? Definitely not this gorgeous red dress!

Legally Sewed Red Dress 1
Red Dress… Front


Legally Sewed Red Dress 4
Red Dress… Back

We thought it was time to change how people think of recycled clothes. Recycled clothes can be beautiful. All you need is some of your old clothes and turn them into pretty fashionable items. I am sure quite a lot of you have cupboards full of old dupattas and clothes, slightly torn tank tops, clothes that bore you now or some favourite clothes that are too small now but you just can’t throw away. Most of us throw away and waste a lot of these clothes and keep buying new ones. Most of these end up in landfills and contribute towards polluting the environment.

What if there was a way to redeem and recycle these clothes? Do a bit for our environment? This was the idea behind starting ‘Recycled Clothes’ initiative. Legally Sewed is doing its bit for the environment by starting ‘Recycled Clothes… an environment friendly initiative’. We have been and will be making lovely and interesting clothes from old clothes. We thought this was one of the best ways to showcase our designs as well. The lovely red/maroon dress you see is one such recycled clothing under this initiative. It has been made only using my mom’s old dupattas! When recycled clothes can look this awesome, why won’t anyone want them!?

Legally Sewed Red Dress 2
The bright and lovely colour!

Now, are you ready to do your bit for the environment? Even if you don’t care about the environment too much, don’t you want to preserve that favourite dress of yours? Does it hold too much sentimental value? Use parts of the old cloth, combine it with some new cloth and make a new favourite. There are limitless possibilities to what you can make with your old clothes! We will keep posting the outfits made from old clothes to inspire you and share some great ideas for you!

So here’s what you can do to be a part of this initiative. If you would like to make something out of your old clothes, send us a picture of the cloth, the approx. size of the cloth, type of fabric etc. and we can brainstorm the possibilities with you. We understand that some of you may feel you do not have the skill or the time to recycle your own clothes (creatively challenged and too busy as they say) so if you live in Delhi, you can send us the cloth and we can recycle it for you by turning it into a pretty piece for you to wear at a reasonable charge for the designing and stitching. Sounds great, right?

Legally Sewed Red Dress 5
Red Dress

Ofcourse just like our other designs, the designs we put up under our ‘Recycled Clothes’ initiative can be ordered in different prints/colours to be made out of new cloth.

For orders, enquiries or feedback, please e-mail at legallysewed@gmail.com.

If you like our work and wish to be a part of our ‘Recycled Clothes’ initiative, do not forget to like our blog, like our facebook page (Kanika Kadam) and our instagram account (#kanikakadam_official)! If you were inspired by us and our suggestions and have recycled some of your old clothes, please share them us and we will feature the best DIYs on our blog! Share the love. 🙂

Legally Sewed Red Dress 6
The beautiful net neckline

Photo Credits:Sneha Mohanty Photography

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